Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Immortal

Reading your blogs, all you ladies, the way you speak is so romantic and poetic. It takes me to another place, like reading a fairy tale. And that is really all were after isn't it? But, some of us, almost all of us, have the capacity to bring these fantasies into a reality! It is a gift, a power, beyond anyone to understand.

I want to be thin. That is my fairy tale. I want to stand aloft and look down at myself from heaven. I would see my entire life in black and white. Long, beautiful curly hair, brunette. Perfectly polished nails in black, fingers resting on a protruding hip bone. A flowing dress, custom made to cling to the tiny thighs, around each stunning rib, barring just barely there cleavage. My skin, even in black and white, luminescent pearl, mistaken maybe for the common word "pale."

My fairy tale does not encompass one aspect. But, each segment branches out from that one main idea. Skinny is my plot. Everything else merely is there just to make the story more appealing, a book worth reading, making the trip into my wonderland, immortal.