Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Keeping Kontrol

must have.. Pictures, Images and PhotosI am continuing to restrict. i am still at 95 pounds however. though i must admit that this is far better than 97. The only thing I had so far today was a salad. I am tempted to eat a pizza lunchable.

Thank God this house is void of junk food. Otherwise, we would have a massive binger on our hands.

Yesterday, my oldest sister texted me. We are going to the Golden Corral for my biological mother's birthday. It is a buffet filled with wonderful things. In other words, its a personal hell, my undoing. So, knowing that I will eat, knowing that i will over eat, I will compensate before I go to counteract any damage inflicted. Friday, Saturday, and until Sunday evening, I don't plan on eating.
In all honesty, I dont really plan on eating tomorrow either, but I must keep up some strength.

i think that after restricting for two weeks, I will be at my goal weight of 88. But, I must wonder, will my body reflect those numbers? I believe that I must starve longer in order to chieve the look.

But for now, repeating those numbers in my head will keep me going