Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frustrated beyond belief

I do so well for so many days! i had severely restricted for 3 days in a row! and then one day i ate and never stopped! now tomorrow i am going to a buffet for my biological mother. unfortunately. the last few days were meant to be fasted to make up for the indulgences tomorrow. But it seems that the best time to starve is during the week when i am at school.

there is no point in beating myself up. that doesn't accoplish a thing. i bought a pair of mini shorts yesterday, in black. they are my motivation. and when im skinny, it will be a reward to just look great in them!

I have taken pro active steps to help myself reach my goals: each day, I plan on doing several repititions of squats and/or lunges. 30 each time but every time i get a moment i will do some. this way it helps tone my thighs. in the mean timem i am still cutting back on food. i will be skinny. I am making a time limit this time too. By March 26th, I need to be 90 pounds. And by April 4th, 88. I think that these are reasonable expectations.

I must also up my water intake to the point of abuse. at least two bottles an hour. I need to focus on that like its a task, like dishes or laundry.

And i leave on that note....
on to my water now
stay strong ladies. stronger than me
CW: up again to 97. fat.fat.fat.fat.fat.fat.fat.fat...imperfect