Saturday, January 2, 2010

You don't fail until you quit

So I binged yesterday and rebegan again today. You don't fail until you quit and I refuse to quit. I am committed to updating several times a day so that I can hold myself accountable. It's almost 12pm and I have not eaten anything yet. Granted, I did just wake up. I have just started my first bottle of water for the day. I plan on going to the store in a little bit to buy a Brita water filter to refill all of my waterbottles to keep this new habit up. On the brightside, I managed to make breakfast, sccrambled eggs and hash browns, for my boyfriend and I didn't let a single dollop touch mym lips. I even avoided the strong scent of his cinnamon roll.

At 4:30, I have eaten a couple miny pancakes. I made them originally for my nephew but he decided that he no longer wanted. The smell was too mouth watering so I ate them. I also had a pear fruit cup earlier bringing my intake to 200 calories. My goal is to stay under 300 every day and hopefully avoid eating altogether. I want to lose weight FAST so for dinner I will only eat chicken broth. I just can't ever seem to do this right can I?