Friday, January 29, 2010


I have been teetering back and forth between 95 and 94 pounds and it is begginning to drive me crazy! I alwayss research things online about fasts and water tips, and nutrition information. But, maybe I should quit that because it just scares me by making me think that I will end up fatter if I fast. But, I just want to fast long enough so that I can drop to 90 pounds or maybe 92. I have been trying the >300 calories method but I don't think that is working for me. I always slip up.

I keep losing my grip on my control and it is driving me insane! I need something to thoroughly distract me. Or maybe, I just need the absence of my one biggest distraction...

Michael will not be staying here everyday starting on Monday. Most likely just the weekends now. Hopefully this helps.

I have a baby shower, my sister's, to attend February 7th. I intend on looking my best. So, I just want to lose 5 pounds before then.

Think I can do it?

I am going to grab my water out of my trunk and start abusing it. Hopefully this helps as well.