Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Begginning

It is January First 2010. The first day of a brand new year. I should have remembered that this morning before I nearly inhaled 7 cinnamon rolls. Almost 1000 calories!! How disgusting is that? I am behind on my water schedule, still on my first bottle. I should have been done with two by now! I weighed myself yesterday and the number was so high, it scared me. 96-96-96-96. I want to be 88 pounds before the end of January. I have never used a time limit on my goal but that was because I was scared of failing. I knew I might not make it that far that fast. If I strived for a solid number with out a restricting time limit, I knew I could never fail. But serious times call for serious measures. I go back to school January 19th. That is the exact day I want to be 88. I know it is possible, though difficult. Tonight, I may or may not go to Applebee's. It is all dependent on how much Michael makes in tips tonight. I swear now to whoever may read this and I swear to myself that I will not order anything other than grilled chicken or a salad. I promise. I will post some thinspo in my next blog and also a picture of me now, gross at 96 pounds. Then, after I lose a few pounds, I will post another one directly below it.