Monday, December 27, 2010

If I can't find a way, I'll make one

today i found a dozen of roses with a card on the back of my car with a card. It said "I am sorry for what I did." I can't really imagine he truly knows what it is he did to hurt me.

On a brighter note, I made $90 in tips today. Less happy, I most likely ate that amount or more in calories. I munched on 1 chocolate, 2 penne noodles, a few chips, and a few fries. Ugh, i can't believe I lost control like that. I need to shape up at work. Munching is unacceptable.

Do not be too disappointed at me. I plan on jogging in place for 15 minutes (which supposedly burns 107 calories? Doubtful) And do 30 squats. Then, I will lay down happily with HUNGER, the book i picked up from the library today. its good so far. tomorrow, nothing besides H2O is touching my lips. I am off work that day, so it should be simple. I am going to do a little shopping and that involves some walking so all in all, it should be a successful day.

Now, when should I weigh myself? I am scared to. I feel so fat and like I haven't lost any weight. The numbers scare me. I can't deny that there is no better time to weigh myself than the first of the year. Yes, that is what I will do and I promise you ladies I will be 97 pounds.

I was thinking that instead of a weight for an ultimate goal, I would do a BMI. Ultimately, I want to be 88 pounds. Thats for now though. Let's see how I look.

After all, I love baggy size zeros.

Fast Tuesday []
Drink 4 bottles of water []
Fast Wednesday []
Drink 5 bottles of water []