Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fuck the boyfriend--embrace Ana

I won't bore you by going into detail about the monstrosities in my life. It isn't glamorous and I am not one you'd want to idolize,except in my weight conquers. I am not here to complain about my life I am here to escape from it.

That's why I've created an alternate, more beautiful world for me to live in.

The holidays sucked and I wont wastw time heaping guilt onto myself. We all know whose fault it is. I can only pass over this part because I feel so committed to the future. I am not eating today, or tomorrow for that matter, and I don't work Tuesday so hell, I may not eat that day either.

I work today. Picked up a shift. I may as well have. Even though I work 6 days this week already. I serve in a restaurant and I'm around food all day. Sometimes it's difficult to avoid eating. Often times, I didn't care. But now I walk in there A.proud that I'm skinny and B. able to resist that food while all around me guests are eating like its their last supper.

I imagine I should be around 97-98 pounds on Wednesday. If their is one thing I have never been good at, it would be estimating the amount of weight I can lose within a specific time frame. I always guess high. Maybe that is hindering me in the long run.

Happy starving ladies! Enjoy your Sunday, which I know for many of you is a fasting day.