Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shamrock Shakes

Yes, I am craving one big time. A large with whip cream and a cherry on top.
350.. that's how many calories a small has. A small.
So, I am trying to avoid that blunder today although I ate two very large bowls of kix with NON fat free milk... only because I was too lazy to grab the fat free from behind it. Why do I have both kinds anyways? Ah yes, the boyfriend was here. Ugh.

Maybe I will just say FUCK IT! and get that large shake....The weather is gradually warming up and I have committed to exercising at first opportunity. Instead of driving around my campus, I park the car and I walk to all my classes. So, that ought to help some. When its a bit warmer than 30 degrees I will walk to fill the time between my classes as well, usually about an hour and a half. Major burning there.

When spring is in full swing, I am running, daily. School is only so long and my job SUCKS so I most likely will not work at all this summer, in which case, I will be in the pool swimming and in all other ways, exercising.

That seemed nonchalant, but it does irk me that I get absolutley NO hours at work. i have failed to get another job and I have been trying for quite some time. Hopefully, things pick up in the fall. If it wasn't for the boyfriend, I'd be royally screwed. Or back at my parents house which is definitely not happening.

Ahh, only a few more years until I can settle into a career, provided I get one, and all these silly worries will be behind me.